Google Pixel Fold review The challenger that Samsung need

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold series has reigned supreme as the leading choice for consumers seeking large, flexible smartphones.  

However, its dominance has been largely uncontested, particularly outside of China 

the Pixel Fold from Google, which presents itself as a genuine contender in the market.  

the Pixel Fold directly addresses some of the weaknesses exhibited by Samsung in this realm. 

Despite its hefty price tag of $1,799, which may deter many prospective buyers 

The Google Pixel Fold features a 5.8-inch exterior screen 

that opens up to reveal a flexible 7.6-inch interior display, both of which are 120Hz OLED panels. 

On paper, that sounds very similar to what Samsung offers on the Z Fold 4 

Google opted for a wider 17.4:9 aspect ratio for the Pixel Fold's 2,092 x 1,080 exterior display.  

And while this might seem like a minor tweak, it makes a huge difference.